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"You start as a customer, you end up as our friend"

Customer Testimonials

Professional - excellent job on my mother's house - treated her like she was family.

- Allen Jorgenson

They were quick to respond to my request for an estimate to repair a commercial roof leak. They showed up on time, worked efficiently and repaired the leak.  They followed up after the 1st big rain storm to see if there were any problems.  The owner and his crew were very professional.

                                                                                                                                                     -Watson Management

Harrison came out on a Sunday to check out our roof. We had a leak on our Kitchen ceiling. He checked out our roof, took pictures and explained everything to us. He was very polite and professional. He addressed all our issues and what he would do to get it fixed. We were very happy with our experience with him and would highly recommend him and [Bowen Roofing and Restoration].

- Marilyn Lachance

The service was great & he answered all my questions & was on site to make sure the work was getting done right. And worked with me on the price & was very professional.

- Corey Edmonds

[Bowen Roofing and Restoration] is the best company to change the Roof. These guys are working hard /fast/safe and finish the job in one day. I am sure [Bowen Roofing and Restoration] is the right company to hire them to get the job done.

- Amir Merzai

Keith and his crew were top notch.  They came when they said they would and wrapped when they said as well.  They cleaned up like they were never here. They were very professional and friendly!  I highly recommend them.

                                                                                                                                                                        -Mike Smith

Good follow up and constant communication.  Happy with the customer service.  Work was well crafted and no complaints on roofing.  clean up at the end of the job was excellent.  I even had one of my neighbors comment to me on the great job for cleanup. my only source of unhappiness was the dumpster which is not under their control.

                                                                                                                                                                      -Jewel Traver

[Bowen Roofing and Restoration] did an amazing job on replacing my 12 year old standard 3 tab shingles... "builder's grade". I had some leaks repaired on the roof a couple of years ago, year 10. After the hurricane came through, I found about 20 shingles laying all over my yard. No way I was going to repair it again. I did a full replacement and upgraded to the dimensional or architectural shingles. I just found another fantastic company with great customer service... Bowen Roofing company. I received 4 quotes from different roofing companies. I actually scheduled for 5 quotes but one company never showed up... no call, no show! Do you see what I'm saying about customer service?! Harrison Rosser was the project manager. He was the only contractor that showed up on time for their appointment. He utilized the technology we have available today to sell the product. He used a tablet with the picture of my house and was able to mix and match the different color selections of shingles installed in the picture. You're able to see what your house will look like with a particular shingle design and color. 100X's more useful than the small patch binder to select from. I'm a pretty good read of character and Harrison seemed very sincere in his presentation. Plus, they were also the least expensive of the 4 quotes and offers one of the best 10 year warranty. So obviously, it was a no-brainer to choose Bowen Roofing. In most occassions, the quality is a direct relationship to the price... "you get what you paid for". But on some rare occassions, it's a pleasure to find the least expensive for the best quality. The craftsmanship was very good. The clean up afterwards was done very well. I spotted a couple of areas around the chimney (most common area of roof leaks) that needed more attention. The crew came back the next day to fix the chimney area. Another great customer service feature... warranty deficits. Most contractors would take weeks or even months to come back to address small issues like that. You will usually hear the response of when we get another job near you we will stop by to fix yours on the same route. Which will take constant follow up calls and nagging before they will come out again. I'm a full-time professional Realtor that also focuses my business in customer service. I recognize great customer service when I see one. I have already added Bowen Roofing to my contractor referral database. I'm extremely diligent on who I will refer to my clients. Every referral is a direct reflection on me, so I set a very high bar for contractors to get on and stay on my list. I hope my review is helpful in your decision making process. Good luck!

- Supin Hsu, Realtor

They were real good about working within the amount the insurance company allowed and showed up on time.

-Kathy Lancaster

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